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The Criminal Minds Kink Meme: The Second

After a lot of thought (and conversations with so many people I couldn't thank them all here, but you know who you are) I've decided to make this Meme one to be held thrice a year. As such, I present to you:


A kink meme is a wonderful place where users anonymously post fiction requests that involve a specific kink and other anonymous users write it for them. As is clear, this is the second ever kink meme for the show Criminal Minds, so some background knowledge of the show would be useful. All pairings and kinks are welcome. 

- All requests and fics/artwork must be anonymous. Once the week is over, you may reveal yourselves and post your stories/artwork wherever you wish.
- All requests must include at least one character from Criminal Minds (so crossovers and RPF are allowed) and a kink. Only one request per comment.
- Requests and fills may come in the form of writing or artwork. If you would like to include a picture in your request/fill that is NSFW, please make it a link as it might be offensive to some. 
- Please have the title of your fic/artwork in the subject when replying, it will make things easier for me. 
- There can be more than one answer to a request, the more stories/artwork, the better for all of us. 
- The length of each story/size of each artwork is up to you.
- Trolls' and off-topic comments will be deleted, meaning comments that don't request, second, answer or review.
- Some of the kinks and/or pairings in this meme may squick you, so don't read anything you don't like because the responsibility lies on yourself and no one else. By participating in this meme, you agree that you are of the legal age wherever you live to read this. 

ETA 3/4: If you want to add a picture and are worried about keeping anonymity, a Photobucket account has been created for all of you to upload pictures.

Username: cmkinkmeme
Password: baugangbang

Creativity is not my thing. 

A comprehensive list of all kinks can be found here, drop in there if you can't think of anything.

In exactly one week since the opening of this Meme, it will be closed. During this one week, all prompts and fics are loved. After the week is over, however, no more prompts will be allowed. If they are posted, I will delete them immediately. You are allowed to continue filling prompts after that week. Feel free to fill the Unfulfilled Prompts of the First Kink Meme as well. If I see fit, the week may be extended by a day or two.

ETA 9/4: THIS HAS BEEN EXTENDED UNTIL 11 APRIL 2010. This is due to both the overwhelming response (especially over the weekend) and my own hectic school life. Everyone please keep on prompting and WRITING/DRAWING until then. 

I would appreciate if everyone was to advertise this kink meme, I've done so where I can, but I don't have access to many of these communities. If you would, just copy-paste the code below into your LJ or any one of the communities you are in. If the latter, remember to ask permission from the mods or check the rules to see if advertising is allowed. 

Note From An Anon. 
In the midst of all the fabulous kink!porn being written for this meme, this anon would like to take a second to remind you all of something very important - it's all fun and games when it comes to fanfiction, but please, practice safe sex in your real lives. We may enjoy reading and writing about things like "bareback" sex and junkie!Reid's risky behaviour, and while there is nothing wrong with those fantasies, I can promise you, your health is always the most important thing. Get informed and use protection. Help stop the spread of HIV. By writing all this, we are not encouraging these practices in real life.

If you have any concerns or suggestions or off-topic comments, feel free to leave a comment here.

We must all bow down to the superior powers of rebootuniverse, who has taken on the immense project of collecting all the prompts and putting them into a delicious account for us. She is in the process of adding the tags from the first Criminal Minds Kink Meme as well. The tags are ridiculously easy to navigate, and, so far, I cannot express how pleased I am by the turnout, both in terms of fics and prompts, so thank you everyone! HERE is our account. 

I have such an urge to extend this for another week, but I am afraid it simply cannot happen. This has been an amazing week (plus two days) and I want to thank every single person who has been involved in this journey; all authors and prompters and anyone who seconded or thirded or just made a general comment and everyone who encouraged others to write. This has been hugely successful, with 314 prompts and 67 stories written - with more coming in even as I type this.

Remember that you MAY keep on filling these prompts after this, and if you do, leave a comment HERE and also reply to the original prompt to inform the prompter. To all prompters, Track your prompts so that you will be notified when they are filled. All writers may reveal themselves now and post your stories wherever you wish. You cannot leave any more prompts, though, for I will delete them henceforth. Special thanks to rebootuniverse for all her help. Look out for the next one in about four months! (:

Disclaimer: All the fan fiction written in this Meme is based on the show Criminal Minds, which belongs to CBS, Touchstone, Paramount, and any other persons involved with the show. Nobody is gaining monetary profit through this Meme. We do not own the show, and we mean no insult to those involved in the show.
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