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Criminal Minds Kink Meme

Because I was getting tired of writing for challenges, and my friends were not willing to entertain, and I was in desperate need of some good porn (that seems to be severely lacking right now regardless of the new and utterly slashy season), I present:

K I N K ♥ M E M E

Basically, a kink meme is where users anonymously post fiction requests that involve a specific kink and other anonymous users write this piece of fiction for them. This kink meme is for the show Criminal Minds, so know something about it before requesting, please? All pairings, het and slash, and all kinks, from soft bondage to the scat you've always wanted to read, are welcome.

The Rules Guidelines.
- All posts must be anonymous - both requests and fics. The only exception is when you comment on a fic. And if you think you can identify the author or the requester, keep it to yourself. Once the week is over, you may reveal yourselves and post your stories wherever you wish.
- All requests must include pairing (or threesome or moresome or, if you want it, a lonesome) and a kink. Those are the basics; not to hard too think up of.
- While you do not have to request anything to answer others or answer requests to prompt, try not to request too many without filling some.
- There can be more than one answer to a request - the more fics the better, right?
- The length of each story is up to you.
- When writing your reply fic, please have the title of the fic in the subject. It's easier on me if I decide to collate them later.
- Do not judge other kinks or pairings. The whole exchange is anonymous for a reason, so while some might not like Gideon/JJ in chains, others might. Any such comments will be deleted.
- Off-topic comments will be deleted, meaning comments that don't request, second, answer or review.
- While seconds are nice, this isn't a reccing meme. It's nice to know that a prompt is wanted, but there is no need for many 'seconds' on one prompt.
- If you must include spoilers for Season 5, please have a note in your subject so everyone is duly warned.
- Please understand that some of the kinks and/or pairings in this meme may squick you, so don't read anything you don't like because the responsibility lies on yourself and no one else. By participating in this meme, you agree that you are of the legal age wherever you live to read this. Remember, it's all on you.

I'm trying to keep things clear (unlike a certain Agent's backstory) so this will be open for one week. If it picks up, though, it will be extended. If it doesn't... Well, we won't think too much on that. You can continue to read the fics posted after the week, but no new requests can be given. You are allowed to give feedback here, but I will delete all new prompts that I see.

EDIT 24/11: Thanks to everyone who voted in the poll. I will be creating a Masterlist Of All Fics and Unfulfilled Prompts. New stories can either be posted here or to the unfulfilled prompts entry. Either is fine, as long as you make a note in this entry that you've answered the prompt. Fics can be posted in your journal with a link or posted here, and while you do not have to remain anonymous, feel free to continue to do so.

In a fandom like Criminal Minds, we really need people to pimp out this meme to get more activity, both requesters and writers, so I would appreciate if everyone would pimp this out on your LJ or the comms that you own/visit frequently. Or maybe make some snazzy code for this thing? I've advertised on every slash comm I could find, but the het ones I can't even find, so I might need some help there.

A comprehensive list of all kinks can be found here, so take a look if you're running out of ideas. Since I know everybody -including myself- just wants to get to their pr0n, get posting. If you have any concerns, co or suggestions, feel free to PM me. I'm very free these days.

A note from an anon user, which I heartily agree with:
In the midst of all the fabulous kink!porn being written for this meme, this anon would like to take a second to remind you all of something very important - it's all fun and games when it comes to fanfiction, but PLEASE, practice safe sex in your real lives. We may enjoy reading and writing about things like "bareback" sex and junkie!Reid's risky behaviour, and while there is nothing wrong with those fantasies, I can promise you, your health is ALWAYS the most important thing. Get informed and use protection. Help stop the spread of HIV. December 1st is World AIDS Day. By writing all this, we are not encouraging these practices in real life.

Wow, that's been one hell of a week, everybody. Thank you to everyone who participated, both those who gave prompts and even more for those who answered with lovely fics. While there can be no more new prompts, you can answer the unfulfilled prompts or comment on the fics already here. Feel free to reveal yourselves as authors now, and you can repost your work anywhere you want, your story, you have the right. If you write something, please provide a link to your story by commenting on the Masterlist Post. You'll make things easier for me.

All the fics have been delicioused (Is that even a word?) here, by me. A Masterlist Of All Fics has also been created, thanks to rebootuniverse. The Unfulfilled Prompts List is very, very long, so if everyone would write a little more I'd be able to shorten it. Thank you, again, rebootuniverse for helping me do the first 5 pages of comments. Anywho, I hope everyone has enjoyed this, and I'll be holding another one sometime next year, so keep an eye out for it!

Disclaimer: All the fan fiction written in this Meme is based on the show Criminal Minds, which belongs to CBS, Touchstone, Paramount, and any other persons involved with the show. Nobody is gaining monetary profit through this Meme. We do not own the show, and we mean no insult to those involved in the show.

Criminal Minds Kink Meme : The Second
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